Secondary School Visitors 

Jenny Alexander: Talks and workshops, Y3-7. I write fiction and non fiction of every kind and what interests me is adventurousness in writing. I can do the usual author talk, story-of-the-book etc but if the children have prepared for the session by reading a few of my books and/or looking at my website then we can have a very zappy whole hour of questions-and-answers. I love doing workshops! I tailor them to the school's requirements, focusing on  fiction, non-fiction or both, for groups of up to 30.

Elizabeth Arnold: I am happy to do school visits and/or workshops for children, covering any area on the craft of writing.

Mary Arrigan: For ages 10 - 12 I talk about writing and how they can do this themselves, followed by interactive putting a story together (great fun!), then reading from teenage novel. End with showing covers of translated versions of book and Q&A.  I also run workshops for age 10 upwards.

Sherry Ashworth: I cover ages 11-18. I talk about my books, but also give creative writing workshops esp GCSE & AS/A2 English language, as well as providing teacher training.

Elizabeth Baguley: Drama workshops (aimed at Years 1, 2, 3) connected with my picture books - building a story from recycled objects; Ice Island (based on reflections); creating a story from nothing: writing workshops based on drama activities for Keystage 2 and 3; storytelling (various themes) for Keystages 1, 2 and 3, with storytelling workshops for Years 5 and 6, and Keystage 3 and 4.

Steve Barlow: Steve Barlow and Steve Skidmore work with yrs 7, 8, and occasionally above. They also provide INSET sessions for teachers on active learning and engaging and enthusing reluctant readers. Our presentations include talks on 'How to Be an Author' which aims to demystify the writing process and encourage students to use life experiences as stimuli for their writing, with extension work on creative writing. We can also offer residencies to pursue more extensive projects with groups of learners. Details of our visits and contact details can be found on our website.

Sue Barrow: I am experienced in running writing workshops for 13 - 16 year olds but am also happy to work with older primary school children. My style is interactive - I enjoy getting children to think about what they like in books, how stories work and who their favourite characters are. This helps them plan and develop their own story writing ideas and work out how to get them down on paper. I'm equally to happy to discuss ideas with teachers beforehand and fit in with whatever creative writing projects they are working on at the time.

Malorie Blackman: I do school visits but I am booked up at least a year in advance! My sessions tend to be for Years 5&6 or Years 7 or 8&9.  I talk about my various books, the inspiration for them, the writing process, how I became a writer, etc.  I also do creative writing workshops for one class at a time.  I do a maximum of 2 sessions in one day.  Please contact my publisher Random House Children's Books for further details.

Alison Boyle (A.T. Boyle)
I run highly interactive visits which always involve students writing and discussing in the sessions, then coming away with something valuable to develop either in groups or singly. The crossover novel written with my father from Pakistan to Preston is used a starting point for explorations about perspective, characterisation, multiculturalism, story beginnings and endings. I always plan the visit carefully with the school to make sure it is a happy experience all round! Please contact me using the hyperlink in my name (above) to discuss a visit that's tailored to your pupils and teachers.

N M Browne: I offer talks and workshops to Key Stage 3 and above.

Ann Bryant: My interactive talk for Years 7 and 8 lasts a good hour and includes signing, reading, literacy initiatives, author anecdotes, information about how a book is 'made' from start to finish, and questions and answers.

Niel Bushnell: I write fiction for children and young adults. I tell stories with fantasy and science fiction elements but they're typically set in our world and told from the point of view of a contemporary young person. My books are aimed at boys and girls aged 9 to 14 and upwards, so any class from Year 5 and older should find this of benefit. The themes of time travel, action, adventure with elements of fantasy and science fiction make it appealing to older teens as well. History plays a big part in Sorrowline and Timesmith, specifically 1940 and World War Two. I explore what it must have felt like to experience some of those terrifying events.

Charles Butler: I visit upper-years primary, middle schools, and lower-years secondary schools for talks and workshops relating to my children's books. I also visit upper secondary/sixth form classes for talks on the process of writing and getting published.

David Calcutt: I offer writing and drama workshops based on themes and episodes from my work, and readings/discussions. Age range: 10-15s

Sean CalleryI offer three packages: story making, information writing, and song writing. I am a primary school teacher across KS1 and KS2 but also work in secondary schools up to age 14. Plenty more details on my website. 

Philip Caveney: I offer author events, which comprise a talk, a reading, a Q & A session and a book signing - and I also do writing workshops, where participants are encourage to write the first chapter of their story. My books are aimed at the 9-12 market.

Pauline Chandler
: For people aged 10-16. Author talks (about eg the writing process, research methods and drafting) readings and workshops with small groups (max 12)

Simon Cheshire: I do a variety of sessions for Key Stages 2, 3 and 4, full details are on the Teacher's Page of my website.

Lucy Coats: I specialise in retellings of Myth and Legend, (Key Stage 3).  For Coll the Bard's Poetry Workshops,  I work in a group with small (no more than 12-14) numbers of children from Y8-10, plus a teacher. We end up with a 'Circle Poem', and I have never concluded one of these sessions without us creating a powerful piece of work, which the children are always justly proud of. Everyone is involved at every level, and the sessions are informal,  relaxed and fun. I also do interactive readings (with Branwen the Raven) and sessions for younger children (Y3-7) from Atticus the Storyteller's 100 Greek Myths and all my other books. I can tailor visits to whatever the school needs. See my website for more details.

Yvonne Coppard: workshops (max 25), interactive talk and Q and A session (max 60) covering all aspects of writing - agreed with school beforehand. Ages 8-18 and adults.

Alan Dapre
: After a spell as a Stay-At-Home-Dad I am getting back into visits. Currently I am sticking to the Central Belt of Scotland but can travel further if given enough notice. I am happy doing sessions for age 6 years (up to 14) - my preference being the Primary age range.  I can do a 1 hour session where I tend to give a brief talk about writing, read a book or two, interact with some games and get children doing a creative activity based on one of the books/characters etc. And/or I can do an interactive class workshop where I do the above but add on a range of activities (approx 2 hours). Please see the Visits section on my website.

John Dickinson: I talk to all ages from Year 7 up to Sixth Form and I will do small workshops, classes or large assemblies as required. I talk about stories, about why we tell them and how. I like to get pupils to tell stories with me, so we can look at how they might be put together. I read from my own work and others' to illustrate what I'm saying, and to entertain. I am willing to look at writing pupils themselves have done, and ask questions that will help them to think further about what they are doing.   In fact I'll talk about anything to do with storytelling. The problem is getting me to shut up. 

Paul Dowswell: Upper primary to secondary, all ages. I give illustrated talks on my 'Powder Monkey' books (Yr 5/6/7), about a boy in Nelson's Navy, 'Auslander', set in Nazi Germany, and 'Sektion 20', about two teenagers in Cold War East Berlin (both Yr 8 to 6th Form). I also do a variety of creative writing workshops for schools and adults. Happy to be as flexible as you like, from an AM or PM to a week as 'writer in residence'. Based central England but travel all over UK, and abroad. Please contact via my website for further details.

Malachy Doyle: Readings from my books, or creative writing workshops, to any age group - tots to teens.

Fiona Dunbar: I have visited both primary and secondary schools, usually speaking to pupils from year 5 through to year 8. Some possibilities: (1) A 1-hour talk. These are always lively and entertaining. I read a couple of brief extracts from my books, and talk a bit about the inspiration behind them. This will then lead into a more general discussion about how I write, why I write, tips for budding writers and so on. (2) A workshop with a group of up to 30 pupils (1/2 a day). I can discuss this with you in advance, and tailor it to your needs. (3) A full day, combining talks and workshop. 

Patricia Elliott: Age group preferred: 10/11 to 14 years (KS3). Talks on becoming a writer, getting ideas, my own books and their backgrounds, writing tips. Workshops on creating characters, inventing plots, creating fantasy worlds, etc. SW London preferred.

Sam EnthovenI write stories with monsters in them. :D My talks about writing and reading at schools and libraries include readings from my books but are essentially Q&A-based, to make their content specific to the audience to whom I'm speaking. My core target readership is Years 6 to 9: older groups are ok, younger ones less so. My maximum number of talks per day is three, at a maximum length of one hour per talk. My current record audience for a single session is 350 but I'm always looking for a chance to break that! For further details email me or click through to my homepage.

Ann Evans: For pupils aged 11-14 I give talks and workshops on all aspects of creative writing. Also workshops on writing non-fiction and newspaper/magazine writing. This can include interviewing techniques. All sessions include Q & A time. I'm happy to do author visits for older pupils after discussions with the class teacher regarding content of the talk/workshop.

Echo Freer: Author Talks Year 6 - Adult - a talk about how I became an author, my life and the life of a book from idea to bookshelf, including manuscripts in various stages of development, followed by a reading and questions and answers. Talks last from 50 minutes to 1 hour 15 minutes depending on the length of the lesson. 3 talks per school day. Creative writing workshops - Year 4 - Adult - workshops on creating characters, developing plots, sensory workshop to get more feelings and depth into writing, self-editing and many others. Workshops last for a minimum of 2 hours and a maximum of 2 hours 30 minutes. 2 workshops per school day.

Vivian French: I do very few school visits. For more information, go to my website (click on my name) or contact

Maeve Friel: I cover the whole primary age range and lower-year secondary school, reading and talking about my books and my inspirations followed by lively interactive Q&A. Creative writing workshops for older children.

Lynne Garner: I have a passion for words which I love to share. I write both fiction and non-fiction and can tailor my visits to suit your needs. I can do the usual 'read from one of my books' visits however if you prefer something a little different this can easily be arranged. Fees charged are based upon the Society of Authors recommendations.

Adèle Geras: very few visits, please contact direct through website. Visits include Q and A sessions, readings from my books and talking about my writing. I don't do workshops.

Griselda Gifford: I do school visits - age limit 14 - prefer working with 11 and 12 year-olds or younger. I usually give brief talk about 'how I began writing' - show old and new books - perhaps read out a little, ask for questions.  If the schools want a 'workshop' I enjoy these - we construct simple plots - I give short starter paragraphs and say 'write on' or we do a character description - all depending on age.

Chrissie Gittins: I give poetry readings and workshops (a class at a time) for Reception through to Year 13, with a possible Q&A after the reading. My workshops begin with warm up games, where everyone contributes orally, then we move onto longer exercises and imperceptibly into writing a poem.

Sandra Glover: I offer a wide range of talks and workshops to children of all ages. Details can be found on my website and please feel free to contact me to discuss your requirements.

Gwen Grant: I visit all ages and offer workshops and talks about writing.

Julia Green:
Writing workshops and talks/readings for young people top primary to sixth form and adults, including teacher training, festivals, residential courses. I lecture on the MA Writing for Young People at Bath Spa University. My fiction is mainly for teenagers/young adults

Nick Green: I visit Years 6-9 and offer readings, along with talks about writing and story creation

Adam Guillain:
I usually start with a whole school assembly where I tell a couple of stories and introduce the children to my work and the notion of 'thinking' like a writer. I then deliver writing workshops throughout the school using objects, story maps/mountains,traditional and anecdotal stories as a stimulus. As an ex-primary school teacher I generally work with F/KS1&2, although increasingly I'm being booked for KS3 sessions and inset.

Miriam Halahmy
I offer talks, Q. and A, creative writing workshops and readings  from Y6 at KS2 right through to Sixth Form College and University students. My talks are always lively and tailored to the age group and interests of the students. I liaise closely with the organisations who book me to ensure that the visit meets everyone's needs and interests. More information and feedback from visits on my website :

Dennis Hamley: Years 3 to 11. Talks, readings and Q & A with large groups (up to 100), one hour minimum preferred. Writing workshops with small groups of 8-12, though up to 20 tolerated. Minimum 1.5 hours.

Frances HardingeI give talks, readings and Q&A sessions, best suited to Years 5-7. I occasionally also run workshops, focussing upon the creation of settings and characters. In general, I prefer to visit schools within easy reach of Oxford or London.

Elizabeth Hawkins: I will visit both primary and secondary schools. I talk about how a writer finds ideas, develops those ideas and creates a story, also about the process of writing and publishing a book. This is accompanied by readings from my own work and question and answer sessions. I am happy to lead creative writing workshops for one group or class at a time. I will handle a maximum of three sessions in a visit.

Mary Hoffman: I am sometimes willing to do school visits, particularly to secondary schools with students who know my books and have specifically asked for me. I am happy to speak to teachers, librarians and to do literary festivals. Please bear in mind that I do very few school visits.

Dianne Hofmeyr: I offer creative writing and illustration workshops which can be adapted to any year. Most of my more curriculum-linked workshops are aimed at primary schools.

Mary Hooper: I give a lively presentation, "How I write a book", suitable for top age primary, and any age girls.
I  do two one-hour sessions in a day and charge £250 plus expenses. I hope to sell books at any events. I live on the Oxford/Berkshire border and will travel up to two hours away.

Lesley Howarth: Years 7 - 10 only. Talks on my books inc MAPHEAD, etc, and about the business of writing for older students.

Julia Jarman: I offer a range of talks to children of all ages: 1.How A Book Is made - talk 2.Let's start a story - workshop 3.Tell me! - discussion. Please see my website for details and contact me to discuss requirements.

Marie-Louise Jensen: I offer a one hour author talk with Q&A, which includes a powerpoint slideshow. Ages: Years 7-9 

Catherine Johnson: I do visits to top juniors - Years 5 and 6 or secondary schools, I do class sized workshops on character and story that can run for as little as an hour or all day. Am happy to talk about all aspects of writing

Julia JonesI'm happy to do either "straight" author visits - an illustrated talk about my work, how I began writing etc OR I can do writing workshops, helping children to write adventure stories of their own.I'm happy to include practical activities in the sessions (communicating with flags for instance) and I LOVE going out of school with children to look at story settings. Most comfortable with years 5 - 8.

Elizabeth Kay: I like doing talks and readings for Y7 - 8, and I have run workshops for all ages, up to and including adult. As I have written plays, poetry and adult fiction as well as children's books, I can adapt my workshops to most requirements.

Savita Kalhan: I will do a short talk about my writing followed by a creative writing workshop for secondary schools, Years 7, 8 and 9 for groups of up to 30. It can include a question and answer session.

Liz Kessler: talks, signings, readings and workshops. Please click on my name to go to the relevant page on my website.

Josh Lacey: I often visit schools and I'm happy to travel around the country to talk to readers. I'll usually bring a few props - for the Grk books, for instance, a bag packed with objects from the different countries in which the books are set - and chat about my books, writing, etc, and answer all kinds of questions.  Please get in touch via my website.

Tanya Landman: I can do author visits and/or creative writing workshops for children from 4 to 11, and young adults from 12 - 18.

Katherine Langrish: Years 5,6,7 - interactive talk about my writing and the Viking background to my books, using drama, slides, riddles etc.

Helen Larder: I'm an experienced, qualified teacher and for 25 years my teaching has involved delivering workshops in creative writing, script writing and drama to secondary, further education, undergraduate and postgraduate students. I'm happy to run writing/drama workshops tailored to suit groups (max 25). I use word games and drama games and exercises to help students get involved and enjoy being creative, as well as developing character and plot structure in their own writing.

Kendra LeightonI'm happy to give talks and interactive workshops to Year 7 upwards, ideally to groups of 30 max. My novel is inspired by Noyes' classic poem 'The Highwayman', so workshops involve students planning a story of their own based on a text of their choice (or a text the class is studying). Happy to discuss other ideas with teachers. I hold Qualified Teacher Status in KS2/3 English. Based in Norfolk and Cambridge, but happy to travel.

Joan Lennon: Using my older fantasy novels Questors, The Seventh Tide and The Night of the Kelpies, I look at the ways writers build tension, grab the reader and keep the pages turning! For more information, see my website.

Maxine Linnell
: My books are for 13+, and I can talk about writing them and the issues they cover, with Q&A. Creative writing workshops also. Bookings through my agent,

Rebecca Lisle: I am an experienced, enthusiastic author/illustrator of 18 titles. I give inspiring, creative workshops that get students of all ages and abilities writing and loving it! My books are aimed at both primary school readers and lower secondary school readers so I visit both types of school. I give author talks to larger groups and workshops for smaller groups of 25 or so.

Michelle Lovric: A talk and powerpoint presentation about how my own childhood informs my novels. The age group is 9 - 12.

John Malam: I am a National Literacy Trust Reading Champion, recognised for my work with children and adults. As a children's non-fiction author you will find that my visit is very different from that of a fiction author or a poet. I offer a variety of sessions, suitable for R, KS1, KS2, and KS3. In my talk session (Y3 to Y9) I outline the journey of a non-fiction book, from first ideas to printed pages. In my workshop session (Y5 to Y9) children act out the roles of key people in the publishing process to create their own non-fiction books. In my writing sessions (Y1 to Y6) children write myths and biographies, and produce mini-booklets. In my reading sessions (R, Y1, Y2) I offer age- and interest-related readings. My visits are inspirational, motivational, and fun! I cover the whole of the UK.

Kelly McKain: I absolutely love coming to visit schools and usually offer one-hour (ish, adapted to fit your timetable) interactive talks to whole year groups of Year 7 and 8 girls. The talk includes the lowdown on life as an author, how a book is made from first idea to cover design and how to get writing, plus Q&A and a book signing. Depending on group size, I also take the girls through quick and easy ways to create their own characters and find stories. I am happy to add writing workshops to the visit (for one or two classes at a time), and lunch time/special sessions for keen writers or your reading group. Please visit my website for details.

Sophie McKenzie: I do visits to year 5 and up, so cover primary and secondary schools. I offer two types of visit - a talk-based, interactive session with as many pupils as you like - smaller, class-based writing workshops with up to 30 students

Barbara Mitchelhill: My talks for 7-12 year olds are very interactive and great fun, for me as well as the children.  Each session is based on one of my books and includes activites, readings and time for questions and answers. - although I am happy to adapt the format to fit in with teachers' ideas.  I hope to leave the children keen to read and enthused to write their own stories.

Richard MonteI am especially interested in doing author visits for ages 7-9 and 9-12, using my books to explore folk tales, history, geography and the environment. For further details see my website or

Nicola Morgan: A wide range of different inspirational talks for any age from 9 to 18, and also for teachers and parents. My talks are usually either mainly about the stories and ideas that inspire my novels, or else about the brain  -  either the teenage brain or our brains in general. The brain events can be extended workshops  -  you could sign up to a Grow Your Brain Day, for example. All details on my website on the page called Inviting Me To Speak.

Miriam Moss: I offer lively, innovative large group performances, talks, interactive storytelling sessions, readings, seminars, creative writing and poetry workshops to all ages.

Linda Newbery: Talks and presentations on various aspects of books and writing, for children (Year 3 and above), teenagers and adults. Writing workshops for small groups only, or on residential courses.

Sally Nicholls
I am a young, enthusiastic author, who writes fiction for Key Stage Two and Three. I can do an author talk covering the process of writing a book and how a manuscript is turned into a novel, followed by a question-and-answer session. I also run lively creative writing workshops for children aged nine and over. I am happpy to tailor presentations to the needs of the  school and am availiable for one-off visits and for longer projects. 

Johnny O'Brien
Typically I do talks to year groups (mostly an hour / or a single period) and/or workshops which focus on the writing process and getting published (typically 1.5 hours / or a double period).  I usually focus on years 8 to 10. Reflecting my writing, most of my talks have a strong historical dimension (e.g. First World War, Elizabethan) and I bring along props to support the discussion. I can supply a list of reviews from pupils, teachers and librarian on request.

Sam Osman:
Mad , Moody and Murky. A fun creative writing workshop designed to help budding writers create atmosphere, mood and character in their work. (Suitable for all ages including adults!)

Helena Pielichaty
: I will visit infant, primary, secondary schools and universities. I talk about being a writer and the various kinds of writing I do, read from my books, put and answer questions. I'll run a workshop if that is what is wanted. I prefer not to travel very long distances, and live in Derbyshire.

Caroline Pitcher
I cover KS2, KS3 and KS4. Please see my website for more information.

Huw PowellI deliver engaging and interactive events for 8 to 12 year olds. Author Talks can be with up to 200 children, where I discuss my work and the writing process, which includes a quiz, readings, questions and a book signing. Writing Workshops are for smaller groups of up to 60 children, where we brainstorm a storyline, design characters and write the back cover blurb. I'm happy to discuss individual requirements with schools, libraries and festivals.

Susan Price
Workshops, talks, readings to all years.Sally PrueI visit both primary and secondary schools. I very much enjoy visiting schools, and usually spend a lesson celebrating fiction by means of a bit of reminiscence, lots of questions, and helping the group to conjure up an instant novel.

Sue Purkiss: I do workshops or talks for any age from seven upwards - please see website for more details.

Enid Richemont: Interactive writing workshops for primary and the younger end of secondary schools - ie ages 9 - 12

Hilary RobinsonI speak to all groups including teachers and professionals working with children but especially Key Stage 1. Some of the techniques I use are applied to sessions designed encourage older children with their writing.

Mark Robson
: Author talk - focuses on personal motivation and goal setting - how I became a RAF pilot and then on to becoming an author. Creative Writing Workshops - How to start a story effectively, Building characters, the short story (for Gifted and Talented, or older students) plus other workshops made to demand. Publishing Workshop - to fit with work related learning, this workshop involves splitting a class into four teams: Editors, Proof Readers, Graphic Designers and a Marketing Team. Each team gets a task to do and then has to give a short presentation on what they manage to achieve in the time given.

Malcolm Rose
: The most pertinent year groups for my novels are Years 5-10.  I have performed in front of groups of all sizes (5 - 700).  I am very flexible with regard to audience size but my favourite audiences for talks are single or double classes.  Most of my talks have been 50-90 minutes in duration (up to my record of 2 hours 30 minutes!).  I concentrate on why and how I write stories.  I deal in particular with the processes of getting an idea and turning it into a story by getting inside characters and developing the plot through their eyes.  I can also contrast science and fiction writing, talk about researching novels and short stories, redrafting, and I am happy to take on requested themes. For schools with a particular interest in crime writing, I can offer an interactive talk that involves a lot of forensic science.  This has proved very popular recently, because of my TRACES crime series. I also run writing workshops.  For these, the audience should be one class at most and it should be at least 1 hour.  Usually, I concentrate on selecting good ideas, developing characters through whom the plot will emerge, and writing an attention-grabbing opening.  The context is usually mystery or crime writing.

Rosie Rushton: March to October any area, November-end February within 50 mile radius of Northampton (plus London). Years 7-10 (preferred ages years 7 and 8) Writing workshops and talks

Helen Salter: I'm happy to come and visit ages 10-14 for talks and readings. I cover the whole process - how to get published, editing, rewriting, plus cover art (often of interest to the kids.) I bring along lots of example manuscripts (and my first attempts at writing aged about 10!) Talks include a short, relevant reading and a Q&A session.

Cavan ScottI lead workshops and talks for both primary and secondary schools. Workshops include idea brainstorming, character (and monster) creation, comic writing, journalism and script writing. In the sessions I draw on my experience working on such series as Doctor Who, Skylanders and Angry Birds, plus writing Dennis the Menace, Minnie the Minx, Roger the Dodger and Bananaman for the Beano. Check out my website for more details. 

Andy Seed: Lively talks and workshops for all age groups. For secondary schools, I give interactive talks on being an author and how a book develops.

Linda Strachan: I am happy to speak to all ages from nursery to adult. I can base visits on any of my books and this can cover many different themes (see my website). I am happy to speak to secondary school pupils and adult writers' groups, teachers and at conferences. I do creative writing workshops with all ages.

Andrew Strong: I can do visits to schools and can offer writing workshops for upper primary or lower secondary school students.

Tabitha Suzuma: Year 7 to adult. Creative writing workshops. Talks on teenage mental health (especially depression); becoming a writer; the inspiration behind my books.

Amanda Swift: Years 3 - 8 Author Visit - talk about work process, read from books, question and answers etc Workshops - working with children on their writing.

Ruth Symes: Book readings, drama workshops, craft activities, story writing workshops.

Lydia Syson: Powerpoint illustrated talks, readings and Q & A about writing historical fiction for year 9+ audiences.  Current focus is Spanish Civil War (particularly suitable for History, Spanish and English 6th form groups) and Invasion.  Emphasis on research techniques, primary and secondary sources and how to construct a narrative.  I also offer 'How I became a writer' talks, covering journalism, writing for radio, academic writing and adult non-fiction as well as young adult fiction.  I'm very happy to talk to book groups, from year 6 to adult.  Society of Author rates.

Ann Turnbull: Very few school visits, but please enquire via my website.  I will give talks about my books and the writing process, do Q & A sessions and readings.  No workshops.

Val Tyler: Workshops which usually includes an analysis of how to write a good story plus anything the school dictates. Discussion groups - with a far-ranging variety of topics often dictated by the school. Sixth Forms -'Writing as a career'.

Eleanor Updale: I talk to any age group from upper primary to all secondary. I talk about writing, history, and writing about history! I will do workshops if asked, but prefer to make my visit seem like fun rather than work.

Jean Ure: Happy to visit schools within easy reach of London. No overnights. Age range 8-13. General book talks, followed by Questions & Answers. No limits on numbers. Prefer no more than two sessions in a day. More details on website.

Karen Wallace: Talks, presentations and workshops. Please see my site for more details.

Jennie Walters: I'm happy to talk to children in upper primary/lower secondary classes about the processes of writing, researching and editing historical novels, with reference to Victorian servants, country house life, the First World War, Kindertransport, and lots more! 

Rosalie Warren: I am happy to talk about my book (only one for children so far, but more are planned) and to run workshops in creative writing. 'Coping with Chloe' is aimed at age 11+. As it deals with sibling bereavement, there might be the possibility of tying it in with RE, PSHE or similar.

Lynda Waterhouse: I am available to run writing/drama workshops, to talk about my books etc. See my website for further details.

Sarah Webb: I can provide talks and workshops for all ages, but most enjoy working with age 9 to 13. I am a member of the Irish Writers in Schools scheme and visit a school most Fridays during term time. Some of the events I can offer: Sally Go Round the Stars Nursery Rhyme Fun (age 2 to 5), Create a Character Workshop (age 9+), How I Became a Writer (interactive talk about writing - age 9+), The Ideas Shop (a book show for age 9+ - with Judi Curtin and Oisin McGann - v popular with Irish schools and festivals)

Kathryn White: Ages- pre-school, primary + yr 7. KS1 & KS2. Fully inclusive school and festival events, providing dynamic visual presentation on the HERE COMES THE CROCODILE picture book alongside full SOUND EFFECTS in order to reach broader ability audiences.  Suitable for assembly with up to 250 children.   Art and craft workshops on characters, plus games. PITCH POND CURSE  published by Ginn Level -KS2 Groups- 30 +  (70  Max)Ghost stories- what makes a chiller chill? Encourages readers to analyse the different techniques used within the horror genre.  To enthuse and prepare students to write what they would love to read.Profile of a demon. a)Mixing imagination with writing skills to promote a keen interest in English language and how students can get the best out of it. b)Teachers are requested to supply a Thesaurus or two for this slot. c) £300. Per day.  + travel expenses.

Eloise Williams: I provide talks and high energy workshops which are suitable for all ages. I originally trained as a Drama teacher so all sessions contain audience participation even if I'm just booked for a 'talk' - be prepared!

Leslie Wilson: I do workshops and talks. For details, see my website.

Sheridan Winn: Two types of talk aimed at Year 8. Talk 1: 45-minute group talk - up to 100 children  - followed by book signing session. The talk will cover: the Sprite Sister books (the characters, their world and the stories); about me; being a writer; creative writing tips, Q&A.  I also do two readings from the books. I bring with me an A2 map of Sprite Towers and an A2 illustration of the Sprite Sisters' 'Circle of Power'. Talk 2: 90-minute creative writing workshop for groups of 25 children max, based around the Sprite Sister books and the four elements of a story - character, situation, plot and genre. Pens and paper required. The children will complete the session having decided on these four elements and be ready to write their own story. See my website for complete outline and illustration of the four elements in the 'Circle of Power'. I illustrate the Sprite Sisters' world with the A2 Map of Sprite Rowers and the A2 illustration of the 'Circle of Power'. See my website for complete outline.